Naruto Uzumaki is name of a fictional character from animated series “Naruto”. Here is some information about Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto’s Backstory, Naruto’s personality and short view of Naruto’s Life.

Short view of Naruto’s life:

Naruto Kid stage:

Kid Naruto
Kid Naruto

As a young kid Naruto lives by him self because he is an orphan, he lost both his parents in nine tails fox attack that happened on the village hidden in the leaf (Konohagukure), Naruto is a lonely child because people in the village keeps distance from Naruto, as he has nine tailed Fox sealed within him and everyone in the village fears him and treat him like an outcast.

Even his own teacher Iruka Umino was felt anger towards him as Iruka’s father was killed by nine tails attack, but after some events he realizes that Naruto has nothing to do with it and does not have any fault in it.

Naruto is not very good at ninjutsu as a kid and does not have talent but what he has is attitude of never giving up.

From the start Naruto has a dream to become hokage ( Hokage is the strongest ninja and is chef of village) so everyone in the village would lookup to him and wouldn’t treat him as an outcast.

Naruto after passing academy:

After Naruto passes from academy as every shinobi, he gets in a team of three and a sensei. In Naruto’s team there is Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and as sensei Kakashi Hatake.

Team 7 (Naruto’s team) goes on many missions each increasing their experience and skills.

As the story proceeds Naruto comes in contact with Jiraya (a legendary Sanin) he becomes his pupil, Jiraya and Naruto have a special connection as Jiraya was master of his father Minato Namikaze, But Naruto doesn’t know this at that time.

Jiraya teaches Naruto Toad summoning Jutsu and Rasengan which makes him more powerful.

Naruto in Chunin exam:

At chunin exam Naruto fights with many shinobis from leaf and other villages also and plays a heroic role when Village hidden in the sand (Sanagakure) attack.

But everything changes when Sasuke decides to leave the village in order to obtain more power, he decides this after a series of events.

After along chase Naruto and Sasuke battles at the valley of end and after a long destructive battle Naruto fells unconscious and Sasuke flees. Naruto gets hospitalize and when regain his consciousness, he takes oath to bring Sasuke back to village.

After this Naruto and Jiraya goes away from the village to train and shonen jump (part 1) ends here.

Naruto after timeskip:

teen Naruto
teen Naruto

Story starts with the event of Naruto coming back from his training after 3 years, now Naruto is a teen and is more powerful now.

After returning to village Naruto and Sakura starts their search for Sasuke, they had new members added to team 7, as instructor Yamato sensei and to fill Sasuke’s place they add Sai, a ninja from anbu.

As they discover orochimaru’s (one of the legendary sanin) hideout but they fail to bring Sasuke back with them.

After series of events happen a terrorist group Akatsuki tries to kidnap Naruto for Nine tails sealed within him.

Jiraya’s death:

Jiraya was spying on the leader of Akatsuki but he discovers that it was his former student Yahiko and his subordinate was also a student Konan, jiraya fought with them and after a big battle jiraya gets killed.

This news was too shocking to Naruto, he goes in depression but soon he comes over it and starts training.

Pains attack:

Naruto sage mode
Naruto sage mode

The leader of the Akatsuki attacks the leaf village but at that time Naruto was away from the village, he was on mount myoboku to learn sage mode but as soon as Naruto gets the news that village is being attacked, he comes back at village.

He fights with the Pain and discovers that the real pain is Jirayas’s another student Nagato Uzumaki, after a long battle Naruto defeats pain but before Naruto comes pain already destroyed leaf completely and, in the fight, it gets more damaged but in there was no causalities and death.

He also meets with his father in his consciousness and learns the truth that why he seals nine tails within Naruto and he also discovers that Monato Namikaze the fourth Hokage was his father.

After this everyone in the village treats Naruto as a hero, because he saved the village.

Declaration of war:

After this five kage’s summit happens and at the five kage summit Sasuke attacks Danzo Shimura as he was Hokage at that time and Madara takes this chance and makes amends that he wantsTwo remaining jinchuriki (Naruto and killer bee) as every kage disagrees to it, Madara Uchiha (Obito Uchiha who was posing to be Madara) declares the Fourth great shinobi war against five great shinobi nations.

Naruto was kept in the dark about it and was in the village hidden in the clouds (Kumogakure) for train to take nine tails in control and use his power.

After Madara’s war declaration both Naruto and Killer bee get moved to land of lightning island. Without telling Naruto about war, but he realizes about war soon as he enters in tailed beast mode.

Both of them brakes through there and joins the battle, as he meets Itachi Uchiha and Nagato who was reanimated ( by reanimation jutsu which allows user to make anyone bring back from dead) and fights with them but Itachi brakes through users control and helps Naruto to defeat Nagato, from here they part a ways Naruto to battlefield and Itachi to stop Kabuto to reverse the reanimation jutsu.

Naruto At battlefield:

Naruto Kurama mode
Naruto Kurama mode

Naruto and Killer bee arrives at frontline and start fighting obito and real Madara (who got reanimated and also break through reanimation jutsu) and ten tails, then arrives Four hokages who was reanimated by orochimaru, sasuke also joins alliances after certain series of events.

After whole fight happens Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi defeats Kaguya Otsutsuki the one who was controlling Madara and the main villain of the series.

But fight does not stop here after giving farewell to all Four Kages, sasuke tries to change the village by destroy and rebuild it, after this decision a big fight between Naruto and Sasuke, at the end Sasuke loses and realize that he was wrong.

Both Naruto and Sasuke lost their arms in this fight Naruto gets a prosthetic arm but Sasuke denies it and leaves village for atoning for his sins.

Naruto’s marriage:

after the event of fourth great shinobi war  in movie, Naruto the Last, Naruto learns about Hinata’s feeling for him and after hinata got kidnaped by Toneri Otsutsuki , Naruto goes to moon and fight Toneri and after rescuing her Naruto marries her.

Naruto become Hokage:

Hokage Naruto
Hokage Naruto

In Boruto (Naruto’s sequel) Naruto becomes Seventh Hokage of the leaf and his dream finally comes true. In Boruto Naruto is a side character and Boruto (Naruto’s son) is main character of this series.

Naruto’s backstory:

Naruto is son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, his parents was died on the day he born and lived his life as orphan, he is student of Iruka, Kakashi and Jiraya. He is child of prophecy and jinchuriki of nine tailed Fox.

Naruto’s personality:

Naruto has very cheerful and positive attitude, no matter what happens he never gives up.

Naruto’s skills:

Naruto is very good at using Shadow clone jutsu, he has a great speed, is a user of Rasengan, sage mode and tailed beast mode.

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