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Sasuke Uchiha is name of a fictional character from anime series “Naruto”. Here is some information about Sasuke Uchiha, Sasuke’ backstory, Sasuke’s personality and short view of Sasuke’s Life.

Short view of Sasuke’s Life:

Sasuke Kid stage:

Kid Sasuke
Kid Sasuke

As a kid sasuke was a brilliant student at academy and was very cheerful and loving, he always lookup to his big brother and father and was proud of his fellow Uchiha clan members.

Sasuke always tries to grab attention of his brother and father for that he always trains hard. When Sasuke’s father Fugaku Uchiha teaches Sasuke Fireball Jutsu, a very important and traditional jutsu in Uchiha clan, at first attempt Sasuke does fail to perform it correctly but eventually he tries and perfect it. So that he can be get praised by his father.

At this stage sasuke’s dream was to be in the Leaf military police force as most of the Uchihas joins the police force and Sasuke’s father was chief of police.

Uchiha clan incident:

Everything takes a drastic turn in Sasuke’s Life when itachi, his brother kills all his clan member including their mother and father. Sasuke’s personality changes drastically he becomes depressed, his grades drop at academy and starts spending time alone.

Now he hates his big brother and his goal is to kill itachi and restore the Uchiha clan.

Sasuke In academy:

Sasuke spends his time alone, is very popular among girls because his looks. Sasuke is skilled and has a reputation for his skills.

Sasuke After passing academy:

As a genin every academy student get divided in group of three and a sensei, Sasuke gets in a group with Naruto and Sakura, as sensei Kakashi Hatake.

At beginning Sasuke and Naruto couldn’t adjust with each other but with each and every mission their teamwork increases. Sasuke acknowledges Naruto as his rivel and they begin to bond together, Sasuke’s hatred toward itachi was starting to fade away and once he also thinks about to forget his vengeance and stay with team 7 as he thinks them as his family.

Sasuke at Chunin Exam:

But everything changes at chunin exam, in forest of death team 7 fights with orochimaru. In this fight Orochimaru over powers Sasuke and puts a curse mark on him, that gives Sasuke power but pushes back him to his hatred, Naruto fights with Orochimaru and somehow manages to secure everyone, but before leaving Orochimaru tells Sasuke that this is a small amount of power and if he wants more come finding him.

After this event Kakashi seals curse mark for good but while fighting Sasuke Drains power from curse mark. Sasuke fights with shinobi named Gaara from the sand and loses to him but as it happens Sand attack on the Leaf with their weapon jinchuriki who was none other than Gaara. Naruto Defeats Gaara while protecting Sakura all this makes Sasuke jealous because Naruto was weak before him and now, he not once but twice defeated the enemies that defeated Sasuke.

Sasuke leaves village:

After a series of events and as Orochimaru’s underling confront Sasuke and tells him to come with them to Orochimaru to be more powerful. Sasuke decides to leave the village and at a night when Sasuke was about to leave the village but Sakura tries to stop him but Sasuke hit her on the neck and make her unconscious and leave her on a bench.

In morning when Sakura wakes up, she reports that Sasuke leaved village to Tsunade Senju (fifth Hokage).

Tsunade makes a team of 5 shinobis and their leader was shikamaru because he was the only chunin among them, 5 members of this team was Shikamaru Nara, Choji akimichi, Kiba inuzuka, Neji Hyuga and Naruto Uzumaki.

After a long run and fights with the members of Orochimaru’s underlings Naruto catches up with Sasuke and they have a battle at the valley of end, after a destructive battle Naruto loses and Sasuke flees from there. This is the end of Naruto shonen jump.

Sasuke’s reappearance after time skip:

teen Sasuke
teen Sasuke

After 3 years’ time skip Sasuke becomes more powerful and have mastered swordplay, after a series of events Sasuke kills orochimaru and forms a team named as The Hebi which means Snake. In this team there is Karin Uzumaki, Suigetsu Hozuki and Jugo.

Itachi’s death:

This team’s mission was to find Itachi and Sasuke would kill him, as they find Itachi and Sasuke and Itachi battle happens, after a big battle Sasuke kills Itachi and his finally comes true but this was not for so long.

Madara (Obito in disguise) who was current leader of Akatsuki tells the truth behind his brother’s action and how itachi was used by leaf’s Danzo. Sasuke decides to take revenge on the leaf and Danzo.

Sasuke renames his group as The Taka meaning the hawk, as their mission is to take revenge on the leaf.

After the attack on the leaf Tsunade was in coma and Danzo declares himself as new Hokage as he comes to five kage summit that was happening at that time. Between this time Sasuke and his team works for Akatsuki to retrieve jinchuriki and attacks on the jinchuriki of Land hidden in the clouds (Kumogakure) the Killer bee but they fail to take him down.

Then Sasuke attacks at the five kage summit and after a long chase he kills Danzo.

 Sasuke At War:

Sasuke after awakening of rinnegan
Sasuke after awakening of rinnegan

When Sasuke was going at the leaf, he sees Itachi who was reanimed by Reanimation jutsu, he then follows Itachi and while fighting Kabuto they have a talk which makes Sasuke think about what is the village why did Itachi killed his own clan for this village and for Getting answer to his questions by using some methods he resurrect Orochimaru and using him he reanimate previous kages.

He talks with first hokage to clear his doubts and that he will help the shinobi alliances to fight against Obito and Madara.

As he fights by shinobis alliances along side with Naruto and Sakura between this battle there are many twists in the story, as battling Sasuke also gets new powers, after a long battle they finally defeats Kaguya Otsutsuki (the main villain)

The final battle:

Sasuke captures all tailed beasts and gets their power and his goal is to destroy leaf and recreate it.

After a long and destructive battle Sasuke loses to Naruto and realises his fault, he lost his one arm in this battle,

The atonement:

adult Sasuke
adult Sasuke

Sasuke leaves the village but this time for atoning his sins.

In current story in Boruto (Naruto’s sequel) Sasuke is married to Sakura Haruna and has a daughter Sarada Uchiha, he is titled as leaf’s Shadow Hokage and is sensei of Boruto (Naruto’s Son).

Sasuke Information:

Sasuke’s Skills:

Sasuke is skilled at Shuriken jutsu, Good at swordplay, can use Rinnagan teleportation jutsu, good at using genjutsu, Chidori and other more techniques.

Sasuke’s summoning’s:

Sasuke can summon Snake and Hawk.

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