Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character from an anime series “Naruto”, here is some information about Kakashi – his face reveal, short view of life personality and skills.

Kakashi Hatake short view of life:

As kid:

Kakashi’s mother died when he was very young, in anime there is no detail of his mother, Kakashi’s Father is Sakumo Hatake. His father takes care of him.
Kakashi is a prodigy in academy, he has a high intelligence and sharp mind, was also good in ninjutsu. Kakashi was also good at use of dagger as his father, Sakumo. Sakumo was known as the white fang of the leaf and considered as strong as legendary sanin.

Sakumo’s death:

But everything changed for Kakashi after his father’s death, while on a mission sakumo had to make a decision either save teammates and abandon the mission or other let his teammates die. He chooses to save teammates and abandon the mission but it took a backlash on the leaf and everyone put the blame on Sakumo even once life he saved also blamed him. All this took a great toll on Sakumo and he committed suicide.
As his father suffered because he abandons rules to save friends, Kakashi decided that he will never break the rules and his personality changes, Kakashi becomes too much rule oriented.

Kakashi Hatake after academy:

At age of five Kakashi becomes genin and joins team 7, Minato Namikaze was their sensei and his teammates was Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara. They go on many missions, after a year Kakashi becomes Chunin at the age of six and at age of 12 he becomes Jonin , On this day team 7 has a mission, as there was third shinobi war was happening.
Minato and Rin bring Kakashi a gift as he becomes chunin but obito forgets to bring a gift. They start their mission as there was 2 missions, minato was needed at frontline and they were also assigned to destroy Kannabi bridge to block enemies’ supplies. Kakashi was temporary captain for this second mission as he was a Jonin now.
After some an enemy encounter and fight Minato and team Kakashi separates for their mission, the plan was to minato as soon as possible finish his job at frontline and joins kakashi’s team.
But as they separate Kakashi’s team gets attacked by enemies and they capture Rin, Kakashi decides to complete the mission but Obito insits on saving Rin first they get into fight and separates, Kakashi was prioritising mission over his friend’s life and following the rules as his mindset became after death of his father. At the time Obito says to Kakashi that “In this ninja world those brake the rules and lows are regarded as scums but those who abandon even one of there friend are worse than scum.”

Kakashi realizing importance of friends:

Kakashi proceeds to complete mission alone but in half way he realises that he is at fault and turns back to save Rin, here Obito was got attacked by enemy but Kakashi comes at right movement and saves Obito but Kakashi lost his left eye in this attempt. Obito awakes his sharingan and kills enemy.
Rin was kept in cave and was under a genjutsu, Kakashi and Obito frees Rin and breaks the genjutsu but one enemy ninja Makes cave to fall, because of kakashi’s left eye was damaged he couldn’t see the rack falling from ceiling and got hit on head as he loses balance there was a second boulder was falling his way, Obito jumps in and pushes Kakashi to safety but he gets crushed by that boulder.

Obito’s death:

Knowing his injuries and condition Obito decides his final act and gives Kakashi his left Sharingan as Gift for becoming Jonin. Rin transplants Obito’s sharingan to Kakashi, Obito takes promise from Kakashi to Keep Rin Safe, at this time Enemy ninjas attack on them and Kakashi and Rin leaves sight of Obito as he insists. Kakashi tries his best to keep Rin safe and fights enemies but the he outmatched by numbers. But at the right time Minato shows up and take care of enemy ninjas. After some efforts team Minato completes their mission destroying Kannabi bridge.
Obito got declared as a third shinobi war hero for his sacrifice, some of the Uchihas were against to Kakashi having Sharingan as he has no blood ties with Uchiha but Uchiha’s leader Fugaku Uchiha stops them saying that they should respect Obito,s  wishes.

Rin’s death:

Once when Minato was away from the village for a mission Rin gets kidnapped by Shinobis of village hidden in the mist (Kirigakure), Kakashi rescue her alone and while they both running from the enemies on the trail, Rin tells Kakashi to kill her because mist shinobis has put three tails inside Rin so when she reaches at the village, they will release it to destroy the village. Kakashi says that they will try to find another way.
Mist shinobis cache ups with them and the fight between Kakashi and mist shinobis begins, Kakashi use Lightning cutter which he come up with a sharp version of Chidori, but while attacking a shinobi with that attack Rin jumps between them to sacrifice her self to protect the village. this impact was too intense for Kakashi that he unlocks his Mangekyu sharingan and fell unconscious.
Later shinobis from the leaf found Kakashi with Rins and shinobis from the mist’s dead bodies, that no one knows at that time that Obito was the one who killed them.

Kakashi Hatake  joining Anbu:

Rin’s death and his role in it gave Kakashi a hard time he fell in despair and got scary dreams of him killing the Rin. Kakashi got PTSD after this incident.
In this condition to get Kakashi out of his depression Minato Namikaze appointed Kakashi to Anbu. Anbu a shinobi force that works in the shadows and take care of the work that regular shinobi cannot.
At the time Kakashi got nicknames in anbu like “cold hearted Kakashi” for his merciless techniques, Kakashi kills enemy shinobis without any mercy even the Anbu’s were scared of this behaviour, Kakashi also has another nickname “friend killer Kakashi” as rin got killed by his hand had numerous false rumours.
Kakashi’s fighting style was to care less as if he wants to die. After knowing Kakashi’s this condition Minato Appointed Kakashi to keep watch on Kushina Uzhumaki (his wife) as she was pregnant. Thinking to give him a less intense job at hand.

Minato’s death:

When nine tails attacked, third hokage ordered young jonins, chunins and genins to stay in protection and not participate in conflict, hoping to secure next generation of shinobi. Minato the fourth hokage Protects the village but at cost of his and his wife’s life.

Kakashi have lost everyone he loved, his father, his friend and his sensei.

At this time Danzo meets Kakashi and tells him that Minato had survived if third hokage let him take part in the fighting. Convincing him that third is not suitable to be a hokage now and we have to take him down, Kakashi agrees with danzo and joins roots, Roots is a shinibi force that works in the shadows on the order of Danzo Shimura, this force was disbanded after Uchiha clan Incident as Danzo had a hand in this Massacre but shinobis were loyal to Danzo that group disbanded after death of Danzo.

Kakashi Hatake joins Roots:

Later when Kakashi enters in roots he encounters a boy with wood release jutsu which makes him shock as this kekegenkai (chakra that is created by combining to normal chakra) was never seen by Kakashi, he wanted to further investigate this and at night he silently goes in hokage’s office and check for the information on wood release. Third hokage catches him doing this but instead of punishing or lecturing him he gives the document to Kakashi and tells information about wood release.
Wood release was actually technique of first hokage Hashirama Senju and after him no on ever found with this chakra nature, wood release is very effective technique to control Nine tails fox, leaf tried to make shinobis with Wood release chakra nature but risks were too high that’s why these experiments stopped.
All this information gives Kakashi a rough idea how danzo could have saved the leaf from Nine tails attack and saved all life, he realises that he is on the wrong side, he tells third about danzo’s plans and that he is going to assassinate him.

 Tanzo arrives in anbu:

After all this incidents Kakashi leaves the Roots, once while investigating Kakashi found one of Ororchimaru’s lab but he also meets Kinoe (the wood release kid from roots) as they both start investigating lab, Kinoe’s original mission was to kill Kakashi because he leaved the roots and Danzo wanted him dead, Kakashi mobilises Kinoe with little effort but while doing this one of orochimaru’s experiment monster attacks them and some how they both defeats it but monsters poison took toll on Kakashi and he fell unconscious but Kinoe abandon his mission to Kill Kakashi and returns to roots.
After regaining consciousness and realising what Kinoe has done Kakashi meets Hokage and tells everything and the fact that Danzo will punish Kinoe inhumanly for abandoning his mission and ask assistance in saving him, but Root is under control of Danzo we cannot interfere in their matter’ said third hokage.
Kakashi brakes into roots alone to save Kinoe and he even frees him but they got followed and cornered by Danzo and root anbu’s. third hokage comes at right with the leaf Anbu and handles the situation and get Kakashi and Kinoe out of roots, now kinoe joins regular anbu with Kakashi and his name changed as Tanzo.

Itachi’s arrival at anbu:

Kakashi get a new member at his team who was Itachi Uchiha, just like Kakashi itachi was also a prodigy, joined anbu at age of 11 making him the youngest anbu. Iatachi and Kakashi completed so many missions, itachi was also double agent for Uchiha clan and leaf. after the Uchiha incident Kakashi had regrets that he failed to have a better influence on Itachi.

Kakashi Hatake joining regular shinobis:

After Uchiha incident thied hokage sees the good in Kakashi and releases Kakashi from anbu and requests him to become teacher for new genins, but no one passes Kakashi’s bell test as he was very strict about this thinking that it their team work was better obito would have lived and everything would be good, that’s why he is particularly strict in this test many students failed but Naruto’s team passed Kakashi’s test and becomes first ever genin team lead by Kakashi.

Kakashi’s relation with his students:

He plays a huge roles in the life’s of Naruto and Sasuke , influencing Sasuke to leave his hatered behind and live his life without vengeance thought, telling him to on based on his personal experience, and guiding Naruto as teacher, big brother, friend on every step Naruto needs him.
All this makes Kakashi a huge support character in “Naruto” series. He plays a huge role in final fight with Kaguya too and after this becomes hokage and tries his best to bring peace in the world and not make mistakes they made before.
After fourth great shinobi war Kakashi becomes sixth hokage of the leaf and after his retirement he spends his time with might guy.
he has a very important role in Boruto (a sequel to Naruto).

Kakashi Hatake face reveal:

Kakashi Hatake face reveal
Kakashi face reveal

  Kakashi’s Skills:

He was prodigy from his childhood, skilled in genjutsu, ninjutsu, taijutsu and shuriken jutsu. Kakshi has a very kin sense of smell and his speed and agility in combination of Sharingan gives him his nick name Kakashi the copy ninja.

Kakashi Hatake’s  Summoning:

he can summon a group of ninja hounds, which can be used in search missions and important massage delivery.

Kakashi Hatake childhood
Kid Kakashi

Kakashi as a Kid

Kakashi Hatake boruto
Kakashi Hatake boruto

Kakashi From Boruto

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