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“Minato Namikaze Information”

Minato Namikaze is name of a fictional character from animated series “Naruto”. Here is some information about Minato Namikaze, short view of Minatos life’s Life, Minato’s Backstory and Minatos’s personality.

Minato Namikaze’s life short view:

Minato Namikaze Kid Minato
Kid Minato

Minato Namikaze’s Kid stage:

In early days of Minato, he joined ninja Academy to be respected by peoples to make his dream come true, to be a hokage. He was an excellent student rather he was a prodigy as a shinobi which only appears once in a generation.
When Kushina Uzumaki transferred to his class, he felt affectionate toward her bright red hair and the when others were making fun about her hair colour and sense of talking and her dream of becoming hokage, Minato responded that he wants to be a hokage to.
At that time Kushina just think that he is also making fun of her, Minato’s hair was little long and his personality was humble, Kushina felt like he is girly.

Minato saves Kushina:

When Kushina was genin and around 12 years old shinobis of village hidden in the clouds capture her for her special type of chakra to control the nine tailed fox and also, she was jinchuriki of nine tails.
Kushina dropped pieces of her hair in hope of someone will notice it and come to save her, in leaf village a team formed for saving Kushina but no one noticed her hair but Minato did.
Minato followed the direction of hairs on his own and finally catch up with shinobis of cloud, he then fights with them and rescues Kushina.
On their way to village Minato confesses to Kushina that he likes her hair and also her bravery, this made Kushina fall in love with Minato.

Minato Namikaze after academy:

After academy was put in three-member team as every genin, Jiraya was appointed as their sensei and the other two members are unknown/unnamed, Jiraya took a liking to Minato and let him in as his pupil Minato’s personality and skills made Jiraya think that he is the child of prophecy (a boy who is going to bring peace to shinobi world).
Jiraya taught Minato many things including Summoning jutsu and Sage jutsu (senjutsu).
Minato was very skill full he even created a justu inspired by tailed beast bomb and named it Rasengan, it took Minato whole three years to create and master Rasengan.

Minato as sensei:

Later Minato was assigned to play the role of sensei of three genin squad, and third hokage specially gave a task to Minato to pull Kakashi out of hiss bitterness after his father’s tragic suicide. The genins which was put under the wing of Minato was Rin Nohara, Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake.
He first took a bell test of them, in which he stood his ground against prodigy Kakashi but goes little easy on Rin and Obito for making them do teamwork, Kakashi realized this and after they did these with teamwork, they pass but Kakashi was just using them and Minato also Realized this but just gave them advice to work more on their teamwork which Rin and Obito took on heart but Kakashi ignored this important massage.

Minato in third great shinobi war:

Minato has a high reputation as a shinobi and also had a nickname “Yellow flash of Konoha” for his speed techniques, he was the fastest shinobi of his era. Minato was requested to assist at front line but his team also got mission to destroy the Kannabi bridge to cutoff enemy supplies. Minato and his team separate and Kakashi were put as temporary captain as he recently become jonin.
After reaching frontline the situation was worst as very few shinobis were holding 1000 Stone village shinobis but after Minato’s arrival things changes. Minato single handedly kills all 1000 shinobi’s, this made stone ninjas fear yellow flash’s name Making third Tsuchikage signing a peace treaty with leaf.
Minato then leaves from frontline to his squad to help them but when he arrives Kakashi and Rin was Surrounded by stone shinobis and Obito was no more. Minato took care of all stone shinobis single handedly.
After taking rest and recovering Minato and team completes their mission of destroying Kannabi bridge. After returning to village to mourn Obito. Later when Minato was away from village on a mission, Rin got kidnaped by shinobis of village hidden in the Mist. Kakashi saved her from them but when she died during retrieval. which made Kakashi too depressed about Obito and Rin’s death and his role in both of it.

Minato’s battle with A (forth Raikage):

In the terms of speed there was another shinobi who was a challenge to Minato but Minato proved that he is the fastest by defeating him several times, this shinobi was A the future forth Raikage. On different occasion Minato and A fought.

Minato becomes Hokage:

His performance in the third war earned Minato respect and now he was appointed as Hokage at this point Minato and Kushina already married, Minato was doing his job good as Hokage, in hopes of taking Kakashi out of his misery Minato put him in Anbu black ops.
But after some times he got reports on how Kakashi’s method of work is cold hearted and merciless, Minato gave Kakashi another mission that was keep watch on Kushina as she was pregnant, Minato did this to put Kakashi under low pressure to clear his mind.
Minato loved one of Jiraya’s novel “The tail of the utterly gusty Shinobi”, when Kushina was pregnant and they both had to decide names Minato and Kushina choose Naruto name which was the Character of this series, Jiraya did said to pick another name as this would make Jiraya his Godfather but Minato replied that he want his son to be like main character of this series.

Nine tails attack:

When Kushina was pregnant Minato and third Hokages wife moved Kushina to a remote location which was kept secret, for delivery they choose this location this location was guarded by Anbu’s and a seal was placed to aid Kushina while giving child birth.
After Kushina gave birth to Naruto, Minato Started to retighten the seal which bind Nine tails in Kushina but then appears a masked man whose name is Tobi and attacks Naruto threatening Minato to step away from Kushina, after Minato step back Tobi throws Naruto higher Minato Catches him and realizes that Tobi had sticked Paper bomb to Naruto, to save Naruto Minato had to teleport in this small gap of time Tobi then Kidnaps Kushina.
After putting Naruto in safe place (one of his Hideouts) Minato immediately teleports to Kushina and saves her life from Kurama (nine tails) which was extracted by Tobi out of her. Minato teleports at his safehouse and after reuniting Kushina and Naruto, he gets ready to save the village.

After saving Kushina:

when he entered in village Kurama senses Minato and shoots a tailed beast bomb at him but Minato skillfully teleports that and saves Hokage stone faces. Minato wanted to tell third Hokage everything about Kurama and the masked man so he was at his way to him but in middle Tobi pursue Minato and fights him, after few attempts Minato learns about Tobi’s power and attacks him with Rasengan, marking him with a teleportation seal and used a reverse seal to free Kurama from control of Tobi.
Tobi flees from there and now Kurama was not under control of Tobi but tried to escape from the village and started retreating but leaf shinobis were following him, then he prepares a tailed beast bomb but Minato saves everyone by stopping him with dropping Gamabunta on top of him and after little time he again teleports three of them to a location far from village where Naruto and Kushina was, he needed Kushina’s help to restrain Kurama, Kushina restrains him with chacra chain and creates a barrier so Kuruma would not escape and they would get some time to think about what to do now.

Kurama’s sealing in Naruto:

Kushina was already dying because of the removal of tailed beast so she gave an idea of re seal Kurama within her so both of them would die. Minato rejected this and said it would disturb the balance of power in shinobi nations and Kurama’s power would be needed in the future to fight Tobi.
He then plans to seal Kurama within Naruto, Kushina was against it but Minato convinces her saying that he trusts Naruto and thinks that he is the child of prophecy and would need Kurama’s power in future.

Minato and Kushina’s death:

Minato then starts preparation of sealing Kurama in Naruto, Naruto was a new born baby that’s why he couldn’t handle full power of Kurama, Minato uses Death reaper seal to cut half of Kurama’s soul and seals it within him. Kurama realised their plan and tried to kill Naruto but Minato and Kushina shielded him and take the blow, then Minato summons Gerotora giving him the key of the seal on Naruto in case of need in future and sent him to Jiraya, he then combined some of Kushina’s chakra so in future she could help Naruto to control Kuruma and in the end he combined some of his chakra and programmed it to activate when the seal is broken so he can help to reseal it.
In the end Minato gave Kushina few minutes to have a final talk with Naruto, and after that he seals Kurama inside Naruto, after sustaining this much damage and removal of tailed beast Kushina dies and Minato’s soul get devoured by death reaper as the techniques contract. In his final movements Minato tells third Hokage to take care of Naruto and villagers to think of him as hero who saved village and not the monster that destroyed village.

Pain’s attack:

At the time of pains attack Naruto’s seal brakes but Minato appears and reseals Kurama. After this he tells Naruto about how he believed him and why he seals Kurama inside Naruto and also he warned Naruto about Tobi and vanishes.

Minato in forth shinobi war:

After this Minato get reanimated by Orochimaru on Fourth great shinobi war, on the request of Sasuke Uchiha. after talking with Sasuke all four Hokages moves to the frontline and Minato plays an important role in saving thousands of Shinobis from tailed beast Bomb.
Battle completes and Naruto and Sasuke defeats Kaguya Minato and all Hokages returns as their reanimation jutsu was about to end, Naruto tells Naruto a lot to tell his mother about him this was a very emotional scene.

 Minato’s Background:

Minato’s Parents are unknown in the series, Minato was fourth hokage of village hidden in the leaf,he is very calm and smart, he is from Namikaze Clan, have very similar looks to Naruto but his personality is different from Naruto. He is student of Jiraya. He is sensei of Rin Nohara, Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake. His wife’s name is Kushina Uzumaki and has a son named Naruto Uzumaki.

Minato’s skills:

Minato is very skilful in teleportation jutsu and sealing jutsu which he adapted from Uzumaki clans sealing jutsus. Minato invented Rasengan and he got that idea after Observing tail beast bomb, after this in his remaining life he tried to mix his chakra to it.
he  was also a user of Toad sage mode (senjutsu) thanks to Jiraya and his summoning was giant toad.
In the terms of thinking fast and making plans for the future minato was skilled in this, as we can see in the series, after observing various types of jutsus he invented his own jutsu such as Rasengan and sealing jutsu and he even thought that in the future Naruto would need him and kushina to control Kurama and reseal it.

Adult Minatojonin Minato
adult Minato
Minato Namikaze the fourth Hokage
minato namikaze Forth Hokage

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