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Naruto (series) information” Big three”

Naruto is an animated series which is considered one of the Big three anime Naruto is a japnese manga written by Masashi Kishimoto, later Tv tokyo and studio pierrot animeted an anime adaption of this which is divided in two parts as Naruto shonen jump and Naruto Shippuden,

This anime was first aired in Japan on Oct 3 2002 and was concluded on Feb 8 2007 with total number of 220 episodes in Naruto shonen jump and 500 in Naruto shippuden.

Story plot:

The story starts 12 years before current time, a nine tailed fox attacked the ninja village Konoha/ village hidden in the leaf, the moster fox was too powerful for anyone to stop but the fourth hokage (village leader) and sealed the fox in a boy, however forth hokage died in this fight.

In current timeline a boy named Naruto is being treated like an outcast by the villagers of leaf village because he is the boy in which Nine tailed fox is sealed. Naruto is a lonely boy with not friends and family. he lives as an orphan.

But Naruto have a strong will and attitude of bounce back from problem and he never give ups. His dream is to become Hokage, so everyone in the village will respect him and don’t treat him as an outcast.

As the story proceeds, he works hard toward his goal to complete.

Naruto map:

Naruto world map
Naruto map

First there are five great nations and these nations have shinobi villages but in the whole series we can see that there are more shinobi villages than five.

The land of fire which is located in the centre of this map and there is shinobi village named as village hidden in the leaf (konohagakure).

The land of Earth is located in northwest and name of shinobi village is village hidden in the stone (Iwagakure).

The land of water in the east and name of shinobi village is village hidden in the mist. (Kirigukure)

The land of lightning is located in north east and shinobi village is village hidden in the clouds. (Kumugakure).

The land of wind located in west and shinobi village is village hidden in the sand.

These are the five great shinobi nations.

Naruto world:

Naruto is an anime which is themed on a ninja world where peoples use jutsu (techniques) and use them by using chakra which can be defined as a source of power which is required to use these techniques.

Basically, they have categories for these techniques and there are three main categories, the first one is nin-jutsu in this category all the techniques that uses chakra and their elements (nature) basically these are direct attack physically using techniques for example Shadow clone jutsu.

The second one is genjutsu these techniques are based on illusions using their opponent’s sight, hearing, smell and other factors to make an illusion. For example, the Tsukuyomi.

The third one is Tai-jutsu in this category user uses physical attacks hand to hand combat in which user attacks opponent using physical attacks where he fights him like a martial art. Basically an empty-handed fight. For example, Fang over fang.

There are some other powers also like visual powers(do-jutsu) there are main three of these Byakugan, Sharingan and Rinnegan. In visual powers users have special eyes that occurs in only selected families and have unique powers in them.

There are kekke genkai also in which user makes two or more chakra combine and uses a different chacra formed by there combination. For example, wood release which is combination of earth and water nature chakra.

Naruto charecters:

There are lot of awesome characters the main hero of this anime is Naruto Uzumaki who have awesome powers, there are also Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno which are teammate of Naruto. Kakashi Hatake is their sensei.

Jiraya is a legendary sanin and also sensei of Naruto. Minato namikaze is father of Naruto, which Naruto found out at the time of Pains attack. Kushina Uzumaki is mother of Naruto.

Naruto gets his powers from Kurama the nine tailed fox which is sealed within him by his own Father Minato Namikaze.

There are many characters which are too good we can’t cover it in one page so we would like to mention information about every character individually.

This was the information about Naruto(series) an animated series. It has two parts Naruto shonen jump and Naruto Shippuden, in Naruto shonen jump all the characters in naruto’s class are pre-teen and at the end of this part Naruto left the village to go train with Jiraya for three years and he returned in Naruto Shippuden where he is a teen.

Naruto shoneen jump has 220 episodes and Naruto Shippuden has 500 episodes total of 720 episodes. Naruto also have a sequel named as Boruto: Naruto next generation where the main character is Boruto Uzumaki, Naruto’s son and in this series, Naruto is completed his dream and become a Hokage.

This is the information of Naruto (series) which is considered as one of the Big three in anime community.

If you have any more information or question let us know in the comments.


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