First Hokage: Hashirama Senju

Hashirama senju is name of a fictional character from animated series “Naruto”. Here is some information about Hashirama Senju, backstory of Hashirama senju, and short view of Hashirama’s Life and powers Hashirama possessed.

Short view of Hashirama Senju’s life:

Kid Hashirama
Kid Hashirama

Kid stage:

Hashirama’s era was war era where there were wars between nations and various shinobi clans. Hashirama was from senju clan, he was son of Butsuma Senju who was head of senju clan, including Hashirama, Butsuma had four children’s and Hashirama was eldest among them.

Hashirama has three brothers Kawarama, Itama and Tobirama, Kawarama and Itama were killed on battlefield when they were child’s and this made Hashirama think about a system where young shinobis would not have to battle and they could enjoy their childhood.

While thinking about this Hashirama meet a boy his age and they become friends, this boy was also suffering from same problem of losing his siblings, and they started planning a system to stop child death on battlefield.

For secrecy they both decided not to share their family names and shared only their first name. that boys name was Madara, they both started spending more time together training, playing and talking about the village system they could make, although it was not for long.

end of friendship:

Both Hashirama and Madara’s father discovered that there boy is going to meet another boy and is most likely a rival shinobi clan. After certain events both families discovered that they were enemy clan.

The Senju clan and Uchiha clan both clans were sworn enemies of each other, Senju clans’ members were good at using natural chakra and derive more power from nature, on the other hand Uchiha’s were gifted with the visual powers in Sharingan.

Both Butsuma and Tajima (Madara’s father) set trap to capture each other’s child, but by writing massage on bottom of rock Hashirama and Madara gave each other massage to escape, but both parties ambushed each other and faced each other here Hashirama and Madara also discovered each other’s families and realised that their friend is from enemy clan.

Here Madara break their friendship and this pain was the thing that triggered his Sharingan to awaken. Madara also says that the next time they will meet will be on battlefield and as enemies.

adult Hashirama
adult Hashirama

 Adult stage:

Hashirama and Madara fought countless battles and eventually both become leaders of their respective clan. Hashirama was capable of killing Madara but was not able to kill a person which he still considers his friend and Madara was unable to defeat Hashira.

In leadership of Hashirama, senju clan was making it difficult for Uchiha to able to fight, in one battle where with other senju and Uchiha Madara and Izuna (Madara’s Younger brother) was Fighting against Hashirama and Tobirama. In this battle Hashirama and madara was stood on their ground but while fighting with Izuna, Tobirama did a great damage to Izuna.


Senju Uchiha peace trite:

Hashirama tried to convince Madara to stop battle between Senju and Uchiha and make their dream come true, some members of Uchiha clan were willing to accept this offer but after Izuna’s condition Madara declined this offer and Uchiha’s retreated.

Eventually all the damage Izuna sustained were too much for him to overcome and he died, but before his death Izuna offered his eyes to Madara so he could obtain Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and protect Uchiha clan from senju.

Madara was furious on his brother’s death and with the power of EMS he started dominating the battlefield but at a point Hashirama did overpower Madara and before Tobirama could kill him he stopped Tobirama and once again offered a trite between Senju and Uchiha.

Madara was willing to accept the offer but on one condition that either Tobirama have to die or Hashirama have to sacrifice himself, Hashirama gladly accepted his offer and pointed Kunai at himself, and when he was about to kill himself Madara stopped him, moved by gesture he accepted this offer and finally Senju and Uchiha signed a trite.

Establishment of hidden leaf and first Hokage:

After this both clans’ trite other clans started to join them, Hashirama and Madara’s dream was completed and children were safe enjoying their childhood without fear of war. All this clans formed a village and they gave they village a name “Konohagakure” (village hidden in the leaf)

With democratic system Hashirama was chosen as Hokage, Hashirama offered Madara to be his right-hand man so he could become the second Hokage, but influenced by stone tablet which was altered by Zetsu, Madara leaved the village and continued to attack village and Hashirama.

With Nine tailed fox under his control Madara challenged Hashirama for the final battle.

In this period of time Tobirama was right hand man of Hashirama, the final battle between Madara and Hashirama happened at the Valley of the End. Hashirama defeated Madara here and killed him (was not dead actually).

After defeating Madara, Hasirama captured the nine tailed fox and Mito Uzumaki (Hashirama’s wife) sealed him within herself for both protection from outside forces and protect the village from Nine tails attack again.

Hashirama captured all Nine tailed beast with his wood style chakra suppressing and arranged the first Five Kage summit, he offered every Kage to accept tailed beast in order to maintain peace between Nations although later Tobirama revealed that they will give tailed beast according to power to balance everyone and villages have to pay for the beast.

Hashirama was not able to bring peace in his lifetime and at the time of his death, he appointed Tobirama as second Hokage.

Hashirama’s death was not coved in anime but there are multiple theories about it.

Hashirama’s power:

Hashirama was referred as God of shinobi, he was Senjutsu user (sage jutsu) was gifted with wood style kekke genkai.

He was able to heal himself without using any hand signs and had power to suppress tailed beasts Chakra. In special techniques he was user of sage art wood release: true several thousand hands and Wood Golam jutsu which was equal in strength and size of Nine tailed Fox.

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