How did Hashirama die?

Hashirama death

How did Hashirama die ?

Hashirama senju is name of fictional character from Naruto, here we are giving short introduction of him and having some theories on his death.

Hashirama senju introduction:

Hashirama senju was considered as God of Shinobis for his enormous power and mastery in sage jutsu, he was leader of a powerful Senju clan and strongest shinobi of his era. He was co-founder of Hidden leaf village and build this village with his rival-friend Madara Uchiha.

The reason Hashirama’s death was not mentioned in Manga and Anime is little easy because a strong ninja of his Caliber is hard to justify if died in battle, Hashirama was strongest in his era and enemy villages tried to kill him in battle and in assassination but failed miserably, so it is safe to assume that Hashirama didn’t died in battle but in peaceful way as illness or naturally which are not worth mentioning and thets why they are not mentioned.

The below theories maybe wrong and there may have another reason for death. But as it is not mentioned anywhere, we have considered theories only.

Hashirama’s death (theories):

Hashirama’s death was not mentioned in Manga nor in Anime. It is hard to kill a character this strong, Hashirama was unsurpassable until Naruto’s era which is way later from his era.

Theory 1: illness

There is a theory that suggests that Hashirama died out of illness just like Itachi and Kimmimaru. It is safe to assume that Hashirama died out of illness and died a natural death and not mentioned anywhere, although this theory is great to go with because character strong as Hashirama is Hard to die in a battle field and even if he died in the battlefield, it would be mentioned somewhere but maybe he died out of illness and that’s why it was not that much to mention.

Theory 2: short lifespan

This theory is linked with the regenerative powers Hashirama possessed, it was said by Madara that hashirama was able to heal himself without using any hand signs, maybe this regenerative cell ability shortened his lifespan as he was on battlefield from childhood and sustained damage enough to shorten his lifespan. Although Hashirama died but his cells are still in the current era and they have healing abilities but this can also the reason that they sucked lifeforce out of Hashirama and shortened his age. This theory is also likely to good to go.

Many believe that Hashirama died in battle because in the final battle when orochimaru reanimate four Hokages, Hashirama is young and have battle armour on him, but if we see other way around Madara died in his old age and was wearing robes but when Kabuto reanimated Madara he was also in battle armour and in his prime age. So maybe Orochimaru and Kabuto found a way to reanimate a soul in the age they want to be, here we are talking about a great scientist and his pupil.

There are more theories like Hashirama died fighting 10000 Shinobis and many more related to battle but if he would have died in a battle it would be mentioned somewhere as he was the strongest shinobi of his era only Madara come close to him in comparison of power and Hashirama was the one that put down Madara.

These two theories suggest a peaceful death suitable for a character like Hashirama and not much to mention that’s why we believe in these theories.

If you have any more information or question let us know in the comments.

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