Kurama: Nine Tailed Fox

Kurama: the nine tailed fox

Kurama is name of fictional character from anime series “Naruto”, Here is some information about Kurama, short view of Kurama’s Life. Kurama: The nine tailed Fox.

Baby Kurama
Baby Kurama

Origin of Kurama:

After battling with ten tails and defeating it, Hagoromo Otsutsuki also known age Sage of Six paths, divided its chacra into nine different bodies and here born the nine tailed beast.

Hagaromo put a duty on them before his death and that was o keep mankind safe and in future they would be needed for a big battle, he also did a prophecy and that was that in future there would be a boy that will guild them all and bring them together to make this world peaceful.

Kurama was set in a mountain forest region which become part of land of fire, after some years peoples mistook Kurama as demon and attacked him again and again to gain control over him. all this made Kurama to hate humans in deep.

Attacks on Kurama:

Madara using Kurama
Madara using Kurama

Later for controlling Kurama two brothers from Cloud village come Forword, their name was Kin-kaku and Gin-kaku, Kurama swallowed them but they survived in his stomach by eating Kurama’s flash from inside, after two weeks Kurama vomited them and this gave them chacra of Kurama.

Madara Uchiha who has gone rouge from hidden leaf village found Kurama and controlled him with Sharingan, Madara used Kurama to attack leaf village and battle Hashirama, with the help of wood release chakra jutsu, Hashirama stopped Kurama and fought Madara and killed him.

Hashirama thought in future anyone can control Kurama to attack any village and for safety of man kind he did not release Kurama, Mito Uzumaki who was wife Of Hashirama sealed Kurama inside her.

Being used as tool of war by mankind made Kurama hatred more towards humans, Mito Uzumaki was the first Jinchuriki of Kurama, at her old age she chose a girl named Kushina Uzumaki to be next Jinchuriki of Kurama.

Kushina was afraid about controlling Kurama but Mito gave her advice that her love will win against hatred in Kurama’s heart, after this Kushina become the second Jinchuriki of Kurama.

Kurama’s attack on village:

Kurama attack on leaf
Kurama attack on leaf

Kushina eventually married Minato Namikaze and got pregnant but there was a risk, when a female jinchuriki is in stage of giving birth, the seal gets lose and Kurama could use this opportunity to come outside of Kushina, Minato take all the precaution and arranged a secrete place outside the village to Kushina gave birth, after Kushina gave birth to Naruto, a masked man Tobi attacks on them by using baby Naruto as decoy abducts Kushina.

Minato puts Naruto at safe hideout, but Tobi breaks the seal and summons Kurama out of Kushina’s body, and controls Kurama with Saringan. Orders him to kill Kushina and when he was about to kill Kushina, Minato saves her and teleports where Naruto was.

Tobi uses Kurama to attack the village and he goes to fight with Minato, Minato fights Tobi over power him and uses a seal to break his control on Kurama, Tobi flees from village and Kurama was no longer under control of Tobi but his hatred toward humans and village was enough reason for him to attack village. as he prepared at tailed beast bomb but Minato stops him by Summoning gamabunta on top of Kurama and teleports Kurama and gamabunta to Kushina and Naruto’s location.

Kurama seal inside Naruto:

Kurama Sealed
Kurama Sealed

On the verge of death by extraction of Kurama inside her Kushina decides to seal Kurama inside her again and die so Kurama will die eventually. Minato knowing that Kurama will revive as all tailed beast do and threat of Tobi, Minato declined this idea and decided to seal Kurama inside Naruto believing that in future they would need Kurama’s power to fight Tobi and to maintain Balance of power in five great nations. Kushina has already captured Kurama with her chakra chains, for a new Born child whole chakra of Kurama was immense and so by using death reaper seal Minato seals half of yin Kurama in himself.

After knowing that Minato is going to seal him inside Naruto, Kurama attacked Naruto but Minato and Kushina protected him by using them self as human shield, Minato sealed Kurama inside Naruto and both Kushina and Minato died.

Between Kuruma’s attack he released vast amount of chakra in air, one the former twelve guardian shinobi Kazuma collects this chacra and put it inside his son Sora for completing his goal.

Kuruma’s plan of escape:

Kurama was finally sealed inside Naruto decided that he will manipulate Naruto and escape from this seal and waited Naruto to be grow.

Naruto first time used Kuruma’s chakra during a mission at land of waves, where he thought that Haku killed Sasuke and in Rage he activated Nine tails chakra without knowing it, Kurama was happy seeing Naruto use his chakra as Kurama was sending chakra through gaps of seal to weaken it.

Second time Naruto activated Kurama’s chakra at chunin exam stage 2, the forest of death where he fights one of the legendary sanin Orochimaru, Orochimaru knew about Kurama inside Naruto and breaks their chakra sharing by putting a five-element seal on Naruto.

After this Naruto meets Jiraya, Kurama recognises Jiraya as he was Master of Minato, Jiraya unlocks the five-element seal Orochimaru put on Naruto, and tells him that you have two types of chakras one is red and other one is blue at this point Naruto did not know that this chakra was Kurama’s.

Jiraya tries to make Naruto wield Kurama’s chakra properly and for that Jiraya throws Naruto in valley. Knowing that if he would not use nine tails chakra, he would die by concentrating more Naruto sees Kurama in his subconscious this was the first time Naruto has saw Kurama.

Chakra as rent:

Kurama tried to made Naruto fear him by saying that he would kill him and ate him, but Naruto said that you live inside my body and if I die you would die eventually and as rent for living inside me you have to give me chakra, knowing that if Naruto die, he would also die Kurama gave his Chakra to Naruto. Kurama was also happy about interacting with Naruto as he wanted to influence him to use more of Kurama’s chakra.

Naruto uses Kurama’s chakra at chunin exam stage three, when Neji Hyuga blocked all chakra points of Naruto, Kurama assisted him and gave him chakra and with this power Naruto was able to win the battle.

After this between chunin exam Orochimaru attacks leaf village with sand village shinobi as allies, in this battle Naruto had to fight Gara who was Jinchuriki of one tail Shukaku. In this battle Naruto used Kurama’s chakra to summon Gamabunta and even used transformation on him to turn him into Nine tails as he needed to transform into something that has Claws and fangs.

One tail transformation:

Kurama helped Naruto on many events by giving him chakra, all this was just so he could lose seal and free out of Naruto. At the time of Sasuke recovery mission when Sasuke penetrates a hole in Naruto’s chest Kurama recovers him and gives him Chakra and Naruto go in initial Jinchuriki form, but while fighting Sasuke’s two tamoe Sharingan turns into Three tamoe Sharingan giving him upper hand, at this point Kurama gave Naruto more power and he goes in one tail form but still lose.

Mastering chakra:

Naruto and Jiraya leaves village for Naruto’s training in this training Naruto learn to control Two tails form but to level up, Jiraya summons Gerotora as he has the key to the seal that has put on Naruto, after sealing nine tails in Naruto Minato summoned Gerotora and gave him key and send him to Jiraya, he did this so in case of need to loosen seal or to open it in future.

Jiraya loosen the seal little bit, Kurama uses this opportunity and make fun of Naruto for not being able to stop Sasuke and uses his negative emotions, this made Naruto go out of control transforming him in four tail version 2 stage, jiraya uses chakra absorbing seal to stop Naruto and tightens the seal again in this process Jiraya also gets injured and both of them get hospitalised.

After coming back to village after 3 years Naruto’s team was lacking 1 member and that was Sasuke and they get two new members in team 7, as Sasuke’s substitute they got Sai of anbu and as their sensei they got Yamato, Yamato was assigned as sensei to team 7 because he possessed wood release chakra which is useful to control Kurama.

Naruto has many battles and many where he used Kurama’s chakra one of them was with Orochimaru, where he lost control and turned into four tails in this fight, he also attacked Sakura and Yamato but with help of wood release seal Yamato stops Naruto from doing further damage. In this battle Sakura gets injured Yamato tells Naruto that this was because of him at this point Naruto regrets it and thinks that he will never use Kurama’s chakra again.

Pains attack:

pains attack on Kurama
pains attack on Kurama

At the time of pain attack in front of Naruto’s eyes Pain attacks Hinata and Naruto thought that she died and Naruto goes in too much rage that he transforms into six tails form and taking advantage of this situation Kuruma destroys locate of first hokage that Naruto wears and when Naruto gets stuck in Pains Chibaku tensei Kuruma influences Naruto to trust him and he will stop all the things that are hurting him.

Naruto was about to open the seal but spirit of Minato namikaze stops him, he infused some of his chakra to Naruto’s seal in case of need in future. Kurama gets furious and say that he will never forgive Minato but Minato ignores him and tights the seal that was loosened and transports both of them to other part of Naruto’s Subconscious where they can talk in silence.

After this while talking to Nagato/pain Kuruma gets angry and for the first time he fuses with the Sage chakra in Naruto.

Fourth shinobi world war:

Naruto was summoned to Mount miyoboku to get the key of the seal that Gerotora has in to learn to control full power of Kuruma to fight Sasuke, afte this he goes to land of lightning where he meets Killer Bee who was also a jinchuriki of eight tails Gyuki, he trains Naruto to control Kurama.

After the sage of water fall of truth Naruto fights his negativity and wins, after this Killer Bee takes Naruto to a special temple where he had to fight Kurama and take his chakra in his subconscious, Naruto fights Kurama but Kurama was not able to influence because Naruto has no more hatred, with the help of Sage mode Naruto over powers Kurama and starts to take chakra from him, but Kurama sends his hatred with chacra which starts to overpower him but spirit of Kushina appears in Naruto’s subconscious as Minato also infused her chakra in seal in case of help in future.

Kushina tells Naruto that she is Mother of him and after a touching reunion with power of his positivity and Kushina’s chakra chains he succeeds in taking chakra from Kurama and reseals him.

On the battlefield:

While Killer bee and Naruto traveling towards battlefield Kurama talks with Naruto in subconscious and says that he is a moron that thinks that he can stop the war and says that you can never stop my hatred but Naruto answers him that he will find a way to stop the war and bring Sasuke back and also stop Kurama’s hatred, he also thanks Kurama.

At battlefield reanimated Madara Uchiha fights with Shadow clone of Naruto and tries to summon Kurama, he fails in it but Kurama sense Madara’s chakra and decides to help Naruto, Naruto thinks that Kurama is trying to fool him again but Kurama says that he does not want to get used by Madara again.

While Naruto was fighting Tobi Kurama stops consuming Naruto’s chakra so he could fight, eight tails try to convince Kurama to fight with them, Kurama was thinking about Madara, Hashira, Mito and Kushina and how they talked with him and said whatever humans say but in the end they all do the same but Naruto is different.

While Naruto was talking to Son goku the five tails he gets furious because he revealed name of Kurama until then Naruto never knew that nine tail had a name and always called him Nine tailed fox. Son goku was not sure about Naruto but Naruto tries to release him and this was the first time that someone helped him without wanting his power.

Kurama and Naruto become friends:

Kurama and Naruto become friend
Kurama and Naruto become friend

Kurama impressed by Naruto’s actions and offers him more of his chakra, Naruto thanks him for help while fighting Madara. At this point both of them become friends and Naruto releases Kurama from seals and says that you are no longer demon fox you are a citizen of leaf village. Naruto activates tailed beast mode and saves Kakashi and Might Guy from other tailed beast as they were in control of Madara.

As this was their first-time tailed beast mode Kurama tells Naruto that they only have five minutes, they fight with seven tailed beasts, all tailed beast makes a collaborative tailed beast bomb and Kurama and Naruto counters with same intensity, all tailed beast and there previous jinchuriki which were already dead meets at deep in Kurama’s subconscious.

Sage’s prophesy:

Kuarama says that only he came here before and no one has, Kurama remembers prophesy of Sage of six paths and asks other tailed beast that is Naruto is that boy which Sage talked about, all tailed beasts agree with Kurama before getting resealed in Ten tails body.

Tobi tries to convince Naruto to take their side Kurama asks Naruto to switch with him and tells tobi that this guy would never swich to your side and Minato sealed Kurama in Naruto so he can help him fight Tobi. After this they transforms in tailed beast mode and attack Tobi.

While fighting with ten tails on the instruction of Kurama, Naruto makes Shadow clone and share Kurama’s chakra to whole allied shinobi force to fight. Kurama gets happy and says that he can share Kurama’s chakra with others and he has surpassed both of his parents in chakra handling.

Birth of ten tails Jinchuriki:

Kurama was going weak because of sharing chakra with everyone and ask for little time to collect chakra, previous Hokages appear at battlefield who was reanimated by Orochimaru, Minato transforms into tailed beast mode signifying that he also managed to Master this with Kurama’s tin half in him.

When both Naruto and Minato fist bump Kurama inside Minato shares chakra with Naruto’s Kurama, Naruto was fighting with Obito who was now jinchuriki of ten tails, Naruto discovers that only Senjutsu attacks are affecting him, Kurama tells Naruto that at time of pain attack when Kurama got furious on pain he accidentally combined with sage chakra.

While fighting Obito they succeed in freeing all tailed beast from tentails body and goes to fight Madara, Naruto also uses his tailed beast mode to support the but Madara who just got his one rinnegan back summons ten tails body and recapture all tailed beast including Kurama before getting extracted from Naruto, Kurama tells Gara to take Naruto to Minato and transfer his other half in him as a Jinchuriki dies after extraction of tailed beast.

Gara follows Kurama’s instruction and after a hustle other half of Kurama was put inside Naruto and he get saved.

Kaguya Otsutsuki strikes:

Black zetsu betrays Madara and tells him that he is not Madara’s wills manifestation but Kaguya’s Kaguya comes from Madara’s body, in all this commotion from Madara’s remaining body where his and Hashirama’s cells were combined Sage of six Paths appears and tells Naruto that they are reincarnation of his son Indra and Ashura, after this he gives Sage of six paths power to Naruto and rinnegan to Sasuke, with power of six path Naruto was able to take help from other tailed beasts.

After defeating Kaguya and freeing all tailed beasts Sage of six paths and hokage’s take their leave. Tailed beast was free in open space but Sasuke decides to fight Naruto to kill all kages and higher ups to change shinobi system, he uses Rinnegan to control tailed beasts and put them in Chibaku tensei, Naruto assures all tailed beasts that he will save them, Yin Kurama was still inside Naruto and was helping Naruto, after a fierce battle Naruto and Kurama defeats Sasuke.

Naruto and Sasuke break infinite tsukoyomi and free all tailed beast and yang Kurama joins his Yin half in Naruto and completes himself.

Kurama’s death:

Kurama's death
Kurama’s death

At the time of fighting ishiki otustuski Naruto needed power and knowing the situation Kurama suggest Baryon mode but it has its own side effects and after using it Naruto will die, understanding the importance of stopping Ishiki Naruto accepts it and uses baryon mode, between battle Naruto feels pain and Kurama tells him that this mode burns life energy around him and when ishiki is in contact with Naruto his life energy is also draining that’s why they have to fight him, after a fierce fight they defeat Ishiki, after this Kurama says that they should have a final conversation, Naruto tells Kurama that he never hated Kurama and says that he thought that he already died but Kurama reveals that nothing is going to happen him and Kurama is going to die, Naruto get shock after hearing this, Kurama says that if he said this from start Naruto would have hesitated to use it that’s why Kurama did tell him opposite, before disappearing Kurama warns Naruto that he no longer have super human strength so take care of himself.

This is how Kurama dies and lived his life with ups and downs.

Kurama’s powers:

Kurama is one of the powerful tailed beasts, he collects chakra from nature and from sage of six path he got duty of protecting Mountain Forest area, unlike other tailed beasts he comes and goes inside Naruto’s body as he needs. Kurama’s tailed beast mode looks different from other tailed beasts and uses chakra to manifest it. Just like other tailed beasts Kurama can use tailed beast bomb.

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