“Madara Uchiha| Ghost of Uchiha”

Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha is name if fictional character from an anime “Naruto”, Here is some information about Madara Uchiha, Madara’s Backstory and short view of Madara’s Life.


Short view of Madara’s life:

Kid Madara
Kid Madara

Kid stage:

Madara Uchiha was son of Tajima Uchiha who was Uchiha’s leader at that time, Madara had four siblings and he was the eldest among them. Madara was born during waring era where there were constant wars between clans and young children were dies on battlefield, Madara has lost two of his little brothers on battlefield and became sick of this war and child deaths in battlefield.

Once he was skipping stones at river site where he meets a boy and both of them starts a skipping stone competition and become friendly rivels both of them recognised that other one is shinobi by there hand movement at time of throwing rocks to ensure secrecy they both just exchanged their name and didn’t tell their last name.

The boy’s name was Hashirama and they both decided to meet at the riverside at same time and both of them leaves. Second day Madara comes at riverside and sees Hashirama was upset and crying, Madara asked him why are you crying in hopes of cheering him up, Hashirama tells him that one of his brothers died and Madara tells that his brothers were killed too in battle and he is also sick of this child death in battle.

The dream:

Madara and Hashirama training
Madara and Hashirama training

Both of them comes at conclusion that they have to create a world where children won’t have to go on battlefield and live their childhood happily and for that purpose, they both have to be strong and from that day both of them starts training and fight with each other to make themselves strong.

But both of their fathers found out that our boy is slaking of to meet another kid at riverside and confront them, both Tajima Uchiha and Butsuma Senju had doubt that the other kid was from enemy clan and follow their kids, Madara tries to warn Hashirama and Hashirama did the same, both of them write a massage on bottom of stone to run and both understand that massage and returns.

End of friendship:

both parties attacked each other Butsuma engaged battle with Tajima and Tobirama with Izuna both Butsuma and Tajima throwed shuriken at others child in hopes of killing the other clans child but Hashirama and madara throws rock at shuriken to save their young brother and also faces each other as Uchiha and Senju both had to kill each other on battle field as duty but both abandon that duty.

Madara here breaks their bond of friendship so they would not have to hold back the next time they face each other at battlefield, breaking their friendship was enough pain for Madara to awaken his Sharingan.

On battlefield:

Adult Madara and Hashirama fight
Adult Madara and Hashirama fight

Later both fight with each other on battlefield but Madara was not strong enough to beat Hashirama and Hashirama was not able to kill somebody he considered as friend. Eventually both of them become respected leaders of their clan, once while fighting on battlefield Madara and Hashirama was engaged in battle and Izuna and Tobirama were fighting and while fighting Tobirama uses a sword technique that gives a lot of damage to Izuna, Madara takes his brother and Hashirama presents a truce to stop this unnecessary war between Uchiha and Senju.

Many of the Uchiha members tempt to this truce but looking at his young brother’s condition at Tobirama’s hand, Madara declines this truce and retreat from battlefield.

Izuna’s death:

Madara tries to make Izuna recover from his condition but damage was too much to recover from, Izuna offers his eyes to Madara to wellbeing and safety of Uchiha clan and passes away. Madara was furious and with izuna’s eyes he then awakens eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

he was dominating the battlefield and furious at Tobirama as he was the reason behind Izuna’s death, Madara and Hashirama fights badly their battle was too instance that no other can interfere between them. Finally, Hashirama neutralizes Madara and Tobirama was about to kill Madara, Hashirama stops him and requests Madara to accept peace trite between Uchiha and Senju.

he had a condition to accept this trite and that was first kill Tobirama and if that is not possible on place of his younger brother Hashirama has to die.

The dream comes reality:

senju and Uchiha peace trite
senju and Uchiha peace trite

Hashirama accepts his condition and choose to sacrifice his life and orders everyone to not do anything to Madara after he dies and when Hasahirama was about to kill himself by shuriken Madara stops him, moved by Hashirama’s resolve and friendship he accepts peace trite.

The dream that both of them seek when they were child was finally come true with both Senju and Uchiha coming together in peace made more clans to join them, and all this made a good system to establish a village, there dream to stop child death in wars has finally come true.

Madara names this village hidden in the leaf and hashirama also accepts it, now this whole place needed a leader to make things work, Hashirama wanted Madara to become hokage but insisted by tobirama  the hokage elected with democracy by the  land lords and village higher ups and Hashirama was chosen as first hokage, Hashirama insisted Madara to work as a brother and right hand man so higher ups and landlord will recognise him for the good and he will become the second hokage, Madara had concluded that the second hokage position would eventually go to tobirama which would make Uchiha more outcasted and under the thumb of senju.

Madara leaves village:

After this Madara found Uchiha stone tablet which was altered by black Zetsu, he come to a conclusion that this village is a failed experiment and talked this with Hasirama and fellow Uchiha members but none of them listen him, finally madara decides and leaves hidden leaf village making him first rouge shinobi of hidden leaf.

Madara attacked hidden leaf village time to time and fought with madara but failed but after he got Kurama the nine tailed fox under his control, he again attacked hidden leaf village and this was the final battle between Hashirama and Madara, after a destructive battle Hashirama embolize Madara and when he was finally about to kill Madara, Madara bite some flesh out of Hasirama and dies.

Hashirama’s wife seals Kurama inside her to make his power work for village and keep world safe from him, Madara’s body was secretly hidden so no one can find it and use it for themselves. but madara has placed an Izanagi on him self to activate after he dies to alter reality and make him come back to life, he comes back to life but lost one of his eyes, black zetsu knew this and hid it self in madara’s body before he revive later he deceived Madara that he created by his consciousness.

Madara fakes his death:

Madara leaves a copy of him at the place of his dead body to deceive others, Now Madara vomits the flash that he bite of from Hashirama’s arm and applied this flash to his wounds making him regenerate, at the end stage of his life because of hashirama cells he was able to get his right eye back with awakening of rinnegan.

after years of passing with power of rinnegan and Hashirama cells, Madara summoned the body of ten tails which was just a vas remaining after sage of six paths divided its chakra into 9 bodies known as nine tails. Madara connected him self to that ten tails body to get energies to live little more to complete his plane.

Then Madara realized that his remaining life was not enough to fulfil his plan, he needed a successor so he just waited for someone to be and watched Uchiha’s from villagers to chose one, in between madara has transplanted his rinnegan to a Uzumaki child named as Nagato, as this was also part of his plan.

Madara got his successor:

Madara got a sucessor
Madara got a sucessor

Madara found Obito under the rubble and his half boy was crushed, Madara transplanted a heart seal in obito in case he betrays him. Madara also created an army of white Zetsu before this. After obito come to his sense Madara played his plan, he made mist shinobis to abduct Rin and put three tails inside her and made her death by Kakashi’s hands in front of obito’s eyes.

This incident triggered obito to awaken his mangekyou sharingan and follow madara’s plan for infinite tsukoyomi where he can live with Rin happily.

The plan was to capture all nine tailed beast and put them inside body of ten tailed beast in between Obito had to use Nagato’s to Rine-rebirth jutsu to revive Madara in his prime.

Madara died eventually after set his plan to work. Although obito did not follow their plan accordingly about revival of Madara.

Madara’s reanimation:

reanimated Madara
reanimated Madara

In the fourth great shinobi war Kabuto revived Madara agains allied shinobi forces, after battle with five kages and allied shinobi forces Madara defeated all of them single handedly and got to the main frontline where ten tails body and obito was and captured remaining tailed beasts.

After getting rinnegan madara broke the Reanimation jutsu and did Rinne-rebirth on himself and now finally he was alive. He fought battle with Hashirama who was reanimated by Orochimaru.

Madara was dominating the battle and become jinchuriki of ten tails and activated the infinite tsukoyomi but it was for not long that ten tails body transformed into kaguya and Madara found that he was being used by black zetsu to revive Kaguya and the actual evil was Kaguya.

Madara got used as pawn:

Madara was not total evil he just got deceived by Uchiha stone tablet which was altered by black Zetsu, the ideals of Madara and Hashira was different but, in the end, Madara just did what he believed to be done for all mankind and it was to create world in endless dream where everyone would get what they wanted and no one dear to them would die and meet their loved once which are already dead.

he died by hands of Kaguya otsutsuki and from his body where his and Hashirama’s cells were with each other Sage of six paths appears after a final goodbye to Hashirama, Madara died.

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